Welcome to my little corner of the internet! This site is equal parts love for my boys, an intense passion for writing, and helping others. Many of the posts here are intended to help others on their journeys with Autism as a parent/caregiver. I’m a child of science so many of my posts will be long, but packed full of information that I think will help someone. I will include whatever links and sources I come across that I use for any given post, so that you can continue to do your own research.

I’m no expert and I won’t ever claim to be. Just a mama who loves the crap out of her kids and will do any and everything she can to foster their growth and development into happy, healthy humans. My love for words simply inspired me to document the ride. If you’re familiar with me outside of this site, thank you for your continued support, if not, thanks for stopping by and I hope you continue to check in! Hit that ‘subscribe’ in the sidebar to keep up to date with the latest content.

Again, welcome!



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