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Hi y’all, I’m Tiffany! Normally, I’m good with words but I am awfully terrible with introductions, so here goes. I’m like many of you, I wear several different hats. Mom (to 2 young humans and 5 felines), wife, special needs advocate, writer (eh, wannabe writer, but still!), and bourbon slayer. When I’m not trying to juggle therapy appointments and four hour marathon sessions at my youngest’s school, I’m the largest comics nerd I have ever met. DC Comics for the win! (Do you even comic if you chose Marvel?). I’m an avid reader (when I can), a professional baker (not really, but I bake really well…I mean, the family is still standing after my cookies, so that counts for something), a champion binge watcher, wannabe runner, and an expert-level procrastinator.

Being completely honest, I’m a mess most of the time, but I’m like this organized mess. I expend so much energy into my boys and husband that I just let the rest go to sh*t. My love for writing has gotten me through so many dark times in my life, and through those pages I found the strength to build myself up. I wanted to be that person in my stories. As my boys got older, their challenges became a bit more difficult to manage and I began to reach out to others online. At first, I would share a little here and there, once I was more comfortable, I shared more. I loved the Autism community and it was through social media that I found my tribe.

As I learned more about myself, my boys, and Autism, I began to share more about what worked for us…and what didn’t. My tribe responded well to my vulnerability and encouraged me to continue to write. And so I did. I had a small blog a couple of years ago, but I neglected it so much that I just closed it up and moved on. I had this itch to blog, to launch a site, and to connect with even more families like ours. And my love for writing has evolved into this site.

Here, I’ll share my ups and downs, our crazy moments (we have many, SOOOO many), tips, strategies, favorite resources, and more. I am so honored that you have decided to share in our world and found my little corner of the interwebs. I hope you stick around (make sure to subscribe) and take the time to get to know me and my little family.



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