Aidan & Josiah


Who it’s all about, right? My dollops. Aidan and Josiah (or Jojo) are the best brother duo ever (I’m biased…but I’m right). I won’t spend too much time talking about them here, since this ENTIRE site is devoted to these two knuckleheads.


Aidan, my oldest, the first person outside of my husband that I truly felt I would go to war over and die for. He entered this world ready to hit the ground running and conquer the world. He was diagnosed with Autism at the tender age of 17 months and our lives changed that day. Aidan is the keeper of many nicknames (Bug, Bear, Aidarooni, and many others), master builder and lock picker, devourer of fries, and his hugs are King….and so are his side-eyes.

Aidan is non-speaking but he is the loudest kid I know. He uses a communication app to let us know his needs. If he were diagnosed under the new DSM-V, he would be a level 3. He has many challenges, but he has overcome so much. I cannot wait to share his journey with y’all. I know y’all will fall in love with him.

Let’s move on to his brother, shall we?


Josiah aka Jojo. This guy here, I have one nerve left and he tries it on a regular basis. This kid is so intelligent, it’s scary. I’m pretty sure he’s on his third life here on this Earth. There’s no way this is his first go-round. Jojo is our engineer, our “you haven’t touched this in four days, let me take it apart and build something new” kid. Reading is his superpower. His creativity is a truly a gift.

He was diagnosed at age six with Autism. I noticed the signs around age three, but decided to wait. He is verbal, but only in certain settings and around certain people. Like his brother, he has difficulties with many things, but he has also overcome a lot in his life.

This kid cares about his brother and his cats, which are all named after snack foods (Pretzel, Ritz, Funyun, Cheeto, and Dorito). His art is amazing and he has sold a few pieces already. He is trying to fund his way to acquire items his mom and dad won’t buy him. So, if I put his art on the site for sale, just know that with your purchase, you’re supporting him circumventing our parental authority (not really, I’m kidding).

I’m so excited to share his journey and growth with you all. There’s a lot of Jojo that I see in so many other kiddos with Autism. Hopefully through our sharing, we can connect with others like him.

And there you have it, a tiny glimpse into who the dollops are. So much more will be shared about them throughout this site and I hope you stick around to get to know these ausome boys.



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