“Jojo’s Prints” are a collection of sketches drawn by Josiah. Jojo is 10 years old and has been drawing pictures since before he could walk or talk. By supporting Josiah with your purchase you are not only helping him earn his own money but you are gifting him with vital life skills that are especially important for those on the spectrum. He is learning valuable skills that will benefit him with future employment and independency, areas that many with Autism struggle with. A portion of his sales will be donated to various Autism organizations…and his brother’s “puzzle fund.”

So, thank you.

Important information about “Jojo’s Prints”:

  • Jojo draws every single piece that is a “Jojo Print.”  He will do them in pencil and then we upload them to the computer for editing so that their lines show up better and you can see the art more clearly. 
  • Jojo approves every edit done to his art.  We both spend a considerable amount of time making sure the colors we add or effects we use don’t compromise the piece he’s worked so hard on.  
  • If you purchase an original sketch, it’s possible you will see some of his guidelines.  He is still learning and so he will still have some guidelines and shading errors.  Please take this into consideration if you decide to make a purchase.  We also edit them on the computer to minimize those errors. 
  • Please be patient with me as I learn the ropes of being a “business.”  At the moment, I am only able to accept Paypal payments.  I think with a free (Paypal) account you can pay with your debit or credit card through Paypal.  But payments will process through Paypal.  I will try to have every print shipped within 2 days after purchase.
  • Jojo is very particular about what he wants to sell and not sell.  He is in complete and total control of what goes in his shop.  It will take some time to get some variety on here as he is holding onto so many drawings because he isn’t ready to part with them yet.  But he is in the process of drawing art specifically for his shop. 
  • No downloadable prints yet.  The kiddo wants to mail them out. 
  • We charge a flat rate fee of $6.95 for shipping. Free shipping is available for orders over $30.00.
  • At the moment, we only ship to the U.S. and Canada.
  • We will mail each print out individually and with a little note from the artist himself, thanking you for your purchase.  The print will be on glossy photo paper so that you can take it straight from the package to the frame, lol. 
  • For now, all prints are 8.5×11 (computer paper sized).